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top 10 list of why it’s great to be an ADD mom

1. I’m more creative than most. Most ADDer’s are.

2. I have extremely high energy levels and endurance.  (comes in handy with my high energy children.)

3. I have amazing coping skills.

4. I have a great sense of empathy. My kids seem to naturally have this too.

5.  ADD mommies are great at coming up with something fun to do.

6. ADD mommies can multitask like no one else can. (double-edged sword here)

7.  Your ADD kids will have the best, most interesting ideas and questions.  You’ll have the best ideas on how to explore them.

8.  You will eventually realize that you are not perfect, not supermom. But that’s okay, because you were uniquely created to parent your child. You are what she needs.

9. This realization will eventually lead you closer to God, as you understand Him.

10.  ADD moms have an absolutely amazing amount of persistence and determination.